Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Is it possible to apply for admission online?

Yes, you can apply for a particular course online. Visit the official website of Uplift Pakistan

Q: What will happen if I miss any class ?

uplift Pakistan will provide you a recording of that lecture.

Q: What salary can I expect after completing this course ?

it depends on you your Experience after Course Completion,  our Graduated is getting 50000 to 100000 in the market

Q: Will I be able to make money online after completing the course?

Yes, but we make no guarantees as it totally depends on the student’s dedication, hard work, skills, and commitment.

Q: WIs there a final exam to get certified?

after Course Compilation we will arrange the final exam. We have our evaluation method from which we gauge the performance of the student. You will be given the certificate at the end of the training session.

Q: When will I get the certificate of completion awarded?

Certificate of completion of the course will be awarded within a month after the course completion. After the provided time frame, Uplift Pakistan is not responsible for the damage or loss of certification.

Q: Can I get a duplicate certificate in case of losing it?

In case of loss of the certificate, the student can apply for the duplicate certificate. Uplift Pkaitsan will charge 1000 PKR for the issuance of a duplicate certificate.

Q: What skills I need before enrolling in this course?

You should be able to understand and read English and should have basic computer knowledge.

Q: Does Uplift Pakistan have any affiliations with other Institution?

No, we don’t have any affiliations with any other organization. Alhamdulillah We are the only leading digital marketing training company in Pakistan.

Q: Can I claim a refund if I am not able to take the course?

Yes, you can apply for a refund or withdraw from the course. You need to apply for the withdrawal 7 days before the commencement of classes with a valid reason. In this case, you will be charged with the registration fee only and will get the tuition fee back.

Q: is there any Hidden Charges?

There are no hidden charges other than the mentioned course fee.

Q: What is the minimum eligibility criteria to enroll in the DM course?

However, if you have good computer skills and are willing to learn digital marketing, you can still apply. but if you are graduate or are in the process of completing your graduate degree that will be plus point.

Q: What is the attendance policy for the class?

In the class, attendance will be marked in the first 10 minutes when the class started. Moreover, every student has to maintain 80% attendance in the registered course. Otherwise will not be entitled to the certification—further the late coming and early leaving without any notice or valid reason mark as an absent.

Q: How will I be able to make money online after completing this course?

You will be able to make money as a freelancer or starting your own online store.

Q: What the job opportunities of digital marketing in Pakistan?

Well, the job opportunities are very good in digital marketing. Every year the eCommerce industry (which is just a small part of digital marketing) size is doubling every year. It is no doubt one of the most fastest-growing industries in Pakistan.

Q: Is the training practical?

The training is 80% practical and 20% theoretical.

Q: Do you provide online classes?

yes, uplift Pakistan providing online and Physical classes.

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