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Social Media Marketing (SMM):

Social Media Marketing (SMM):

If we say that today’s world is the age of Social Media, it might not be wrong. The importance of Social Media cannot be denied. Allow us to explain the importance of social media marketing in Pakistan. 

Importance of Social Media Marketing in Pakistan 

Social media wings of different political parties tell how important social media is. Have you ever observed, how much salary is being charged by the Social Media Manager of different Political Parties? Besides politics, social media played an important role in every field of life.  For instance, put politics aside, thinking about the improvement of business without social media is like to build a castle in the air. 

With the help of Social Media Marketing, people developed various brands in no time. Allow me to explain it with an example. 

Every Pakistani knows a name called “Qasim Ali Shah”. Can you ever imagine that Qasim Ali Shah could have got such fame without social media marketing? 

We hope, you have understood the importance of SMM. UpliftPakistan’s premium course about SMM has been launched, you can register yourself. Notwithstanding, before getting registration, it is important to know what we are offering in our course. 


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

What is social media ?

  • What is social media?
  • Understanding the social media marketing
  • How social media marketing is different
  • What is the single most important concept
    about social media marketing?
  • How to create Your Brand Story
  • Define Your Goals
  • Develop Audience Personas
  • Create a Journey Map for social media
  • Identify Key Channels
  • Develop a Content Strategy
  • Draft a Content Calendar
  • Plan Your Resources
  • Simply Measure
  • Creating a perfect content marketing plan:
    • Align
    • Publishing content
    • Branding o Direction
    •  Support
  • Types of content on social media

How to properly use re-targeting ?

  • Learning custom audiences
  • How to create sequences
  • How to properly use retargeting for your business
  • How to work with Facebook Pixels
  • How to use Facebook pixels to maximize sales and conversions
  • How to make Facebook Pixels strong so they work in your favour

Facebook Social Media Channel ?

  • Facebook marketing (Both Organic and Paid ads)
  • Understanding Facebook Marketing
    • Practical Exercise
    • Creating a page
    • Adding contacts
    • Posting on the wall
  • Increasing likes the legitimate way
  • How to do marketing on a Facebook page
  • Fans engagement
  • Tools and applications for increasing engagement on your FB page
  • Understanding the key metrics on your Facebook page
  • Understanding blind posts o Best practices for posting
    • Practical Exercise
      • Creating a Facebook advertisement
      • Understanding Power editor
      • Difference between boosting a post and running a PPE advertisement
      • Adding a Credit card for billing and understanding billing
  • Best practices for posting
    • Practical Exercise
      • Learning every objective of Facebook advertisement
      • Setting budget
      • Targeting audience
      • Using audience insights

Other Social Media Channels Marketing

  • Running paid advertisements on other major social media networks
    • Twitter
      • Both paid advertising and organic marketing
    • Linkedin
      • Both paid advertising and organic marketing

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Abdul Basit

I need to start my online store. I already take some classes from other teachers who teach Digital Marketing but they are not professionals. I found Uplift Pakistan to Facebook and attended the workshop after workshop I have completed 2 month SEO Physical Course in Lahore, now i am working in Dubai, Highly Recommended.


Wakeel Ahmed Chohan

I am from Karachi, I have completed my 2-month online SEO Course from Uplift Pakistan after course completion within 15 days I got job Alhamdulillah, now I am doing job and handling freelancing project, and very soon I am going to start my own Online eCommerce store, Thank You Uplift Pakistan.


Muhammad Tahir

I am running my online business after Completion 2 months of physical SEO & Digital Marketing Course, I know nothing about online business so I depend on freelancer where I don’t get a good response, now I am handling my own business and getting a great response, I have learned so many new Business Ranking techniques from Uplift Pakistan,